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AustinPx was founded to help developers realize the full potential of their drug candidates. There are many obstacles to bringing a drug to market, including poor bioavailability and accelerated timelines. That’s where we come in.  Our client-centric approach is designed to simplify the complexity of outsourcing and our team of formulation, analytical and manufacturing experts work with you to overcome challenges and identify opportunities to do more, faster.

As the inventors of KinetiSol™ Technology, a next-generation amorphous solid dispersion (ASD) technology for poorly soluble APIs, with its smaller footprint, broader design space, and greener processing solutions, we aim to disrupt the ASD industry.

Our Name is our Brand

AustinPx represents where we come from and what we do. Px stands for Pharmaceutics.  To our core, we are a pharmaceutics company. Our approach is data-driven and technology-nonbiased, which means our formulation strategy for each drug is based on the unique physiochemical characteristics of the molecule and the client's goals. And for poorly soluble compounds, we have one of the most powerful tools available in KinetiSol, a next generation amorphous dispersion technology.

From poor solubility to accelerated timelines, drug development is inherently complex. Effective communication and flexible processes can simplify your path to the market. That is why AustinPx has developed a client-centric approach to contract development and manufacturing services.  We are driven by our client’s success and intentional about differentiating ourselves through flexibility and responsiveness, and consultative, unbiased, solutions-driven development services.


With its significantly smaller ecological footprint, broader formulation design space, faster processing times and wider application to challenging molecules, KinetiSol™ is the next generation amorphous dispersion technology.

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We're thrilled to announce that AustinPx has been awarded the Best Technologies Innovation Award for INTERPHEX Global '24! Our KinetiSol™ Technology continues to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry, offering scalability, sustainability, and performance like never before. Thank you to our team at AustinPx for their continuous devotion to push boundaries and create greener Amorphous Solid Dispersion technology.

Do you need a partner that can solve your most pressing novel oral solid dose challenge?

Put us to the test. We are proactive problem solvers, highly collaborative and committed to the success of your program.

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