We are a band of pharmaceutical development and manufacturing professionals guided by data and science and driven to provide exceptional service to our clients.

Better Solutions. Better Service.

Founded in 2007, AustinPx is a fee-for-service CDMO offering preclinical through Phase II formulation and process development and GMP manufacturing of oral dosage forms. We specialize in bioavailability enhancement, speed to clinic and market development strategies, and dose form development.

The name AustinPx represents where we come from and what we do. Px stands for Pharmaceutics.  To our core, we are a pharmaceutics company. Our approach is data-driven and agnostic which means our formulation strategy for each drug is based on the unique physiochemistry of that compound.  And for poorly soluble compounds, we have one of the most powerful tools available in KinetiSol, a truly next generation technology for rendering active pharmaceutical ingredients amorphous.

Based in Georgetown, TX (30 miles from Austin Airport), AustinPx’s cGMP facility can supply oral formulations and dose forms for preclinical testing, GLP toxicology studies, and Phase I/II clinical studies. We can also provide our KinetiSol Amorphous Dispersion Technology drug product intermediate (DPI) through commercial manufacturing.

Flexible & Responsive

In the fast-paced environment of early development, we have built our culture and systems for flexibility and responsiveness. From shifting API delivery dates to changing clinical targets, we empathize with your needs and adapt to changing requirements.

Solutions Driven

Our teams are driven by data and solving problems. We hire intelligent individuals with strong communication skills, arm them with tools necessary to make informed decisions, and empower them to partner with our clients to define the best path forward.

Consultative & Unbiased

Every company and molecule are unique. We partner with our clients to understand their challenges and goals, then design a project plan tailored to their needs. Our goals are to provide data-driven recommendations and never tie you to a platform technology.

Put us to the test.

We are proactive problem solvers, highly collaborative and whole-heartedly committed to the success of your program.

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