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Speed to Clinic & Market Approaches

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First in Human Strategies

Reaching first in human studies quickly is often critical, especially for companies with investor milestones tied to clinical dosing.  Of equal importance is the creation of a formulation and dosage form that will give the candidate its best chance at success. A poorly formulated drug product can lead to poor outcomes or challenging manufacturing processes, which may result in termination of the project, longer timelines, and higher costs.

AustinPx’s First in Human Strategies is an accelerated development and manufacturing offering for NCEs transitioning from preclinical to Phase I clinical testing. We offer several technologies to expedite product development for first in human clinical testing, including:

  • API in Capsule
  • API in Bottle
  • Blend in Bottle
  • Blend in Capsule
  • Suspensions for Clinical Compounding

In as little as 12 weeks, we can manufacture and release your phase appropriate dose form.

When conventional formulations are not enough to achieve targeted in-vivo performance, AustinPx offers several solutions, including bioavailability enhancement strategies for poorly soluble drugs and controlled release development. Our goal is to match the best solution with the physiochemical characteristics of the molecule and your corporate goals, timeline, and budget. Click here to learn more.

austin pharmaceutics and manufacturing, austinpx, dispersol, kinetisol, pharmaceutical development, pharmaceutical manufacturing, austin, texas

Accelerated Approval Programs

Accelerated regulatory approval programs, such as orphan, fast track, and breakthrough indications, allow for earlier approval of drugs that treat serious conditions, and that fill an unmet medical need. The demand for these treatments remains and the pharmaceutical industry is meeting that challenge. The percentage of novel drugs using accelerated approval pathways continues to grow year over year[1].  However, due to the accelerated timelines, it is important to ensure speed to market, scalability, and product quality.

Our dose form development and manufacturing expertise combined with our client-centric approach makes AustinPx a unique partner for the development of accelerated approval products. These projects not only require development expertise, but also an ability to meet their rapid timelines.  Our goal is to create a formulation, manufacturing process and analytical methods which enable accelerated timelines, while also ensuring an appropriate and scalable dosage form to de-risk your path to the market.

[1] FDA.gov

Each drug candidate is unique, as is each Company’s corporate goals. Our goal is to match the best development strategy with our clients’ needs, timelines and budget. AustinPx's expertise in formulation and process development, and sense of urgency, help ensure projects will progress quickly.  And our flexible scheduling, dedicated project management and size means you will not be ignored due to larger scale projects.

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